New range of Ambilight TVs are making their way to people’s home

The new range of Philips Ambilight TV is now available in Australia and making their way to people’s home. Ambilight TVs utilise Philips’ cutting edge technology and intelligent LEDs behind the edges of the TV screen, projecting on-screen colours onto the wall behind the TV in real time.

It will automatically synchronise to the display content and it is really good. I have a Lightpack 2 on my 75″ Samsung TV and it’s really amazing. I’m sure it’ll look even better with Ambilight TVs.

Or think of it as having the Philips Hue Lightstrip behind your TV if you have one, but this is built in to the TV so you don’t need to get the extra Hue Play HDMI Sync box and hook an HDMI cable in.

And if you’ve never had one set up before, this will elevate your viewing experience, whether you are watching TV series or movies. It also means you can now turn the lights off in the room safely as the colour projection on the wall is bright enough to make it easier on the eyes while watching in a dark room.

There is also Music mode where Ambilight can offer dynamic, colour lightshows that sync to your tunes.

And when you’re done watching movies or TV series, you can still keep the Ambilight on to enhance the mood of your room or just to lit the room up a bit. With Ambisleep feature, it will simulate a fading sunset with your choice of duration, brightness, and colour palette, accompanied by relaxing sounds to help you sleep – and wake up.

Philips Ambilight TVs are now available in Australia. You can find Philips 8265 series, 7906 series, OLED805 series in Harvey Norman online and instore, with more Ambilight models coming to Australia soon. 

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