My Blog’s March 2008 Statistics

March 2008 Traffic Graph
Google Analytics March 2008 Traffic Graph

It’s April 2008. A lot of things were happening to my blog last month. Good things. A boost of traffic, a boost of Alexa ranking, a boost to my EntreCard popularity, and a boost of my blog exposure to the web! It was a good month. 

Traffic Comparison between February & March 2008 


February 2008 (6,264 visitors) March 2008 (28,995 visitors)
3,597 (57.42%)  – Search Engines
2,149 (34.31%) – Referring Sites
   StumbleUpon: 617 visitors
   Entrecard: 776 visitors
   Others: 756 visitors
518 (8.27%) – Direct Traffic
5,157 (17.79%) – Search Engines
21,367 (73.69%) – Referring Sites
   StumbleUpon: 16,494 visitors
   Entrecard: 2,999 visitors
   Others: 1,874 visitors
2,465 (8.50%) – Direct Traffic
6 (0.02%) – Other

If you look at the graph on top of this post, you’ll see a once-off “spike” at the beginning of the month. That was the 15,000 visits from StumbleUpon on my post about Battlefield Heroes that sent me running around in panic with my web host’s tech supports. 

A boost from Entrecard’s traffic was caused because I went from the top 50 to the top 10 of my niche (Technology) at I’m now sitting on the 2nd position (thanks, guys!). I never expect to be in that position but certainly very happy about it as it boosts the traffic to my blog. Do you think I can become the first in April? 

Top Content

On February 2008, my top posts (received the most hits) were:

  1. The Witcher PC Game 1.2 Patch (614 Pageviews)
  2. Free MSN/WLM OnionHead Emoticons (574 Pageviews)
  3. How to uninstall PointUI (354 Pageviews)
  4. HTC P3600i Review (341 Pageviews)
  5. Pon and Zi : The Cute Emos (306 Pageviews)

On March 2008, my top posts (received the most hits) were:

  1. (as you have guessed it) PC Game Battlefield Heroes: Free to Play (18,025 Pageviews)
  2. Thief! Stop hot-linking my image! (5140 Pageviews)
  3. Free MSN/WLM OnionHead Emoticons (3320 Pageviews)
  4. Windows Vista Non-Ultimate users, rejoice! (2,646 Pageviews)
  5. Safari 3.1 goes final! (Review/Impression) (896 Pageviews)

I’m really looking forward to the end of April 2008 and see how far can my blog get.
Things that I’m looking forward to:

  • Will my blog get the first rank on Entrecard’s Technology category? 
  • Will my Alexa Rank get below 100,000?
  • Are there going to be another StumbleUpon Traffic madness again?

Thanks again for those that give me so much encouragement and support to me this whole month! Even one sentence of a comment could truly make a difference to me!

Hope I’ll still see you next month here on my blog :)

Some screenshots:


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