Windows Vista NON Ultimate users, rejoice!

Previously, DreamScene was released only for Windows Vista Ultimate edition. Some people actually bought Vista Ultimate just to grab DreamScene. StarDock, however, has just released DeskScapes 2.0 Preview (FREE) that makes any Windows Vista edition to be able to have animated desktop wallpapers at their home!

My, my.. I wonder how many Vista Ultimate users will get pissed off because of this.

If you’ve never heard of DreamScene before, with DreamScene, you can have animated wallpapers on your Windows Desktop. You can use your own movies if you want, but I’d suggest downloading the best ones for free at

Even though this is achievable in Windows XP through a third party application, DreamScene is different. DreamScene uses little resources because it actually utilizes your graphic card to display the video, whereas a third party application will eat a lot of CPU resources to display it.

The Preview build comes with 3 DREAMs (again, I’d suggest going to Wincustomize’s DreamScene page and grabbing the one that you like yourself)

  1. Watercolor. A dynamic dream that randomizes your desktop background.
  2. Silent Hill. A brand-new video based dream.
  3. Stardock Cube. A simple 3D cube dancing on the desktop

Read the announcement from the StarDock’s page and grab it while it’s hot!

Are you a Vista Ultimate user? Do you use DreamScene?


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