Pon and Zi : The Cute Emos

Pon and Zi EmosHuh? Who are Pon and Zi? They are two cute emo characters, designed by Jeff Thomas (nickname: Azuzephre @DeviantArt). Pon & Zi pics have been circulating around the internet and also on YouTube. The pics of Pon & Zi are cute and adorable (as you can see from the photos below).

His site at DeviantArt no longer exists unfortunately, but thank goodness that he has his own site up! These cute cartoon characters can be used as Wallpapers, WLM Display Pictures, and *hopefully* WLM emoticons!

Pon and Zi describes a strong love relationship between the two; melancholic, sorrow, and sometimes has a deep meaning to it.

Here are some of the created comic arts of Pon and Zi

Pon and Zi Emos Pon and Zi Emos Pon and Zi Emos

Pon and Zi Emos

There were some debates as to which one is named Pon and which one is named Zi. There were also debates on which one is the male and which one is the female?

These are taken from the author’s site about the Pon and Zi characters:

I wanted to avoid giving either character a gender because I wanted everyone to be able to relate to every comic and because I realize that especially recently, disregard to traditional gender rules is commonplace. Blue and yellow seemed to work best, so I stuck with those two colors. They still needed names. I figured that minimalistic characters should have minimalistic names, so I named the blue one Zi, but got stuck with the name for the yellow one. My little brother suggested Pon and it worked.

Conclusion: The blue one is Zi, and the yellow one is Pon. As to the gender, I guess it depends on each comic art and how it applies to your love life, if any.

Check out the author’s site for more Pon and Zi!

PS: I’m currently browsing the online shop to send my girlfriend some Pon and Zi‘s gifts :)

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