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First of all, if you are not a blogger, then you’ll probably don’t know about Entrecard and this post may not be useful to you.

If you are a blogger, though, then read on, as this post may just be for you!

I recently joined Entrecard, and it’s been good. I’ve met other bloggers and even became friends with some of them. The people are varied; from friendly people to people who just care to “make use of other people” for their own good :)

I’m more interested to find more bloggers who really want to become friends, and not so that your site will get recommended, or so that you gain more traffic (even though that’s probably one of the main reason I joined Entrecard). I believe when people recommend your site because they want to, is much much better than because you ask them to.

Anyway, if you are a member of Entrecard, this good news is just for you: that there are designers out there, willing to design your Entrecard for free! As a token of gratitude, what they ask is to link back to their site or maybe put some donations if you want.

I stumbled on Mark Lloyd‘s blog and we’ve been in contact through email for days since then. He’s helping me out redesigning my Entrecard. He’s very helpful and even tried to design a few of my ideas/suggestions (which were sucked – hey, I’m a developer, not a designer).

My old Entrecard design:

is redesigned to:

which looks better and *ahem* less narcissism involved.

Other designs (based on my feedback and suggestions):

I wanted it to have more “techy” feel. However at the end, we’ve decided that simplicity is best, so it looks like the first design is the winner!

For those who want to get their entrecards redesigned, feel free to read more about this fantastic offer on Mark’s blog post here (link removed – no longer valid).
If you are a designer and want to participate in giving a free Entrecard design service, feel free to put your contact details in the comments below!

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