We can all now leave our wallet at home

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Moshi’s Overture is a protective case available with the functionalities of a slim wallet. Currently available for iPhone 5/5s and Samsung GALAXY S4, it is designed to simplify your night out by having everything you need in this one single case.

The case is made of synthetic fabric combined with microfiber lining which is splash repellent and easy to clean. The fabric feels a little slippery on the hand which makes you think that you have less grip power on the case. The suede-felt fabric which covers the middle part of inside the case feels quite nice on your hand but I have concerns that it will gather wear marks quite quickly.

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Inside, on the right side of the case is the frame where the phone is attached. The screen, all of the physical buttons and the camera are all accessible without having to detach your phone from the case.

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I have always been cautious when attaching my iPhone onto a case, fearing it might scratch my phone. Surprisingly, putting the iPhone on and off the frame is a lot easier than usual. It does not have that “click” feeling for when you have secured the phone into the frame (which is usually the culprit that makes it really hard to take your iPhone off the frame), yet the frame has a sturdy grip on the phone.

On the left side of the case are the card slots. The iPhone version of the case has 3 card slots while the Samsung GALAXY S4 version has 4. There is an also full length inner pocket behind the card slot for additional storage such as money and receipts.

Moshi Overture-6

The “flip” side of the phone (where the card slots are) does not have a fastening mechanism to make it remain closed when you close the case (for example, magnet) so it can flap around quite easily.

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The case also includes a microfiber cloth that sits nicely underneath the card slots. Named Neato, it is designed to remove fingerprint from your screen. What makes it even better is that, should Neato become dirty and loses its adhesiveness, it can be rinsed with mild soap and water and let it dry to restore its original cleanliness.

Moshi Overture-11

The case is not made to stand on hard surface. It is almost impossible to make it stand on vertical position when opened – although it is so much easier for it to stand horizontally.

Moshi Overture-12

The case retails at $44.95. The iPhone 5/5s version is available in black, grey and orange.

Disclosure: Moshi Overture case review sample was sponsored for the review. All opinions are 100% mine

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