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Today, Microsoft has announced the availability of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 browser, a significant update towards Internet Explorer 8. Whether it can beat the other browsers on the market such as Opera, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, still remains to be seen. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of using Internet Explorer to browse, this is definitely a must upgrade for you – it’s faster and gives you a better experience in browsing compared to the older versions.

Download Internet Explorer 9 or check the press release from Microsoft below.

Microsoft Announces Global Availability of Internet Explorer 9

As Australians spend more time online, Internet Explorer 9 helps provide a window to a faster, richer and more immersive web experience.

Sydney, Australia — March 15, 2011: The latest version of the world’s most used browser, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9,  launches today and is designed to bring sites front and centre through Windows 7, enabling a more immersive and beautiful web.

As the only browser with fully hardware-accelerated HTML5 Internet Explorer 9 enables faster, more visually compelling web experiences and applications.

Microsoft said the Beta version of Internet Explorer 9 had been downloaded more than 40 million times, making it the most downloaded beta version of Internet Explorer of all time. Internet Explorer 9 has gained more than 2 per cent usage on Windows 7 PCs worldwide.

It is now available for everyone to download today from

“We developed Internet Explorer 9 for people who love the web – it’s where they’re informed, entertained and where they socialise. For them, it’s about the sites they love and that really informed our development process,” said Melissa Dewick, consumer product marketing manager, at Microsoft Australia. “Today, Internet Explorer 9 enables websites to look and perform as if they were native to your PC by unlocking the power and performance of the best PC hardware and Windows. Thanks to the advent of HTML5 and features such as Pinned Sites, websites can act more like applications within Windows 7.”

Speaking at the Internet Explorer 9 launch event today in central Sydney, leading author, web developer and evangelist John Allsopp said: “Once upon a time the computer was the thing we all sat around in the room, the classroom, or the office, and the web was an incredibly simple thing.

“Today with the launch of IE9 I believe we’re seeing the firing gun for the future of the web as an application platform.

“It will be the most important development platform in the world opening up a whole range of new opportunities for developers and devices.

“The next generation is a web of applications and we are going to be seeing screens everywhere.”

Top Sites Shine with Internet Explorer 9

Features such as Pinned Sites and JumpLists enable people to ‘pin’ their websites directly on the Windows 7 Taskbar, as though they were native applications, and then to quickly and easily perform tasks related to those websites, such as check their inbox, change the music station, accept a friend invitation or see breaking news.

“Australians spend an average of 43 hours each month online1 so having a rich site experience and quick and easy navigation to those sites is vital. The browser is what makes it happen and that’s why Internet Explorer 9 is all about making websites shine,” said Dewick.

Already more than 250 top sites from around the globe are taking advantage of the capabilities in Internet Explorer 9 and more than 1,000 other sites and designers are taking advantage of these new features, including Facebook and Amazon.

Fast Is Now Even More Beautiful: Internet Explorer 9 with Hardware Acceleration

EMI Music Australia is one of Microsoft’s partners that has leveraged the power of Internet Explorer 9 in order to develop its new viral music game, Way Out Wars, to deliver a richer digital music experience to its customers. The game represents a very different tool for music discovery because, as the only browser with fully hardware-accelerated HTML5, Internet Explorer 9 enables a faster, richer and more visually compelling interactive game experience at . Game players are rewarded for their music recognition skills with discounts on EMI’s multi label retail store, The In Song (

Roddy Campbell, Director, New Channel Development at EMI Music, said: “While this game is essentially a bit of fun, it also represents our ongoing aim of harnessing new standards in software and hardware to provide a richer music consumption experience. With exciting emerging platforms such as HTML5, as well as the rapid evolution of devices, we are expecting a flurry of new digital music experiences. We are incredibly excited that consumers can now experience their favourite sites re-imagined and accelerated. It’s a whole new web.”

Improving Privacy and Security Online

Internet Explorer 9 is designed to be the most trusted browser because it contains a robust set of built-in security, privacy and reliability technologies that keep customers safer online.

In December, Microsoft introduced Tracking Protection in Internet Explorer 9, which puts people in control of what data they are sharing as they move around the Web, by enabling consumers to indicate what websites they’d prefer not to exchange information with. Malware is now the No. 1 risk to people’s security online, and Internet Explorer 9 provides the first Download Manager with integrated SmartScreen malware protection. Studies show that Internet Explorer 9 blocks 99 per cent of socially engineered malware attacks, five times more than Firefox and 33 times more than Chrome.2

Raise Expectations for a Better Web

Partners from around the world are re-imaging their websites using the capabilities of Windows and Internet Explorer 9, creating new experiences that make the Web feel as native as PC applications. The result is a more beautiful Web experience. See it for yourself by visiting the partner showcase at

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