Top iPad 2 accessories – how to prepare yourself before getting your iPad 2

iPad 2 accessories

iPad 2 is just around the corner here for Australians (launching on the 25th of March 2011) and many have actually tried to buy one from the United States. It’s therefore not surprising to see increasing sales for iPad 2 accessories, even when you haven’t even owned one yet. For example, I tend to get at least a case or a cover if I ever bought a new portable device. This would ensure that I could use the device right after the package arrived; which means the first item you should look at is one of the iPad covers.

Top iPad 2 Accessories

  1. Case/Cover
    Apple’s official magnetic cover is really sexy and creative. It’ll be my ultimate pick but if you don’t want to spend the money, you can always get a case/cover from a third party. Probably not as sexy, but still good to have.
  2. Screen protector
    Still a debate whether you need one, but I always put a screen protector on my phones and portable devices. You’ll never know when you can get a “scratch accident”. Applying the screen protector on an iPad is not easy though (due to the large surface), so do it under a bright lit room or ask an experienced person if you don’t want to see the big ugly air bubbles for the rest of your life (or ahem, at least until iPad 3 comes out). I ended up throwing 2 screen protectors because I hate to see any bubbles on my iPad.
  3. A carrying bag
    If you already buy a case/cover then you can safely use your ordinary travelling bag to carry your iPad 2. If not, you may want to buy a bag which has a padded compartment or especially made for a compact notebook or for an iPad.
  4. A wireless keyboard
    If you are going to use your iPad 2 quite often to type or write notes, it’s probably better to get a separate wireless keyboard. It’s not entirely impossible to type on an iPad 2 (in fact, I actually type my sermon notes on the iPad every Sunday), but typing is still better and quicker on a real physical keyboard.
  5. Cables, Adaptors, etc
    You might want to buy extra cables or adaptors – but it depends on your lifestyle. If you are going to do presentations on a projector with your iPad 2, then it’s good to invest on a display adapter. If you are going to travel a lot by car, then get an iPad 2 car charger cable. Buy them only if you need them.
  6. A Speaker dock
    If you like to use your iPad 2 as a jukebox, it’s also good to invest on an iPad 2 speaker docking system. You can listen to your favorite music while having your iPad 2 charged. You can even use the speaker for your morning wake-up call, in case the internal speakers can’t do you right!

There are many other iPad 2 accessories that you can buy to further enhance your iPad 2 capabilities. What’s your favorite accessory to have? I guess a case/cover is a must, so let’s skip that one!

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