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iPhone X Reviews are out! (Early Reviews)

iPhone X

UPDATE: Read our own iPhone X Review here!

Apple iPhone X Review embargoes have been lifted just now and we can have early access to all the journalists and reviewers’ opinion that were given early access to iPhone X; such as The Verge, CNET, etc.

It looks like they were only given the phone a day before though (this never happened before, which is weird), so the real full reviews are not really out there yet. But even less-than-24-hours-usage review is still a review (or impressions if you want to call it that).

So here they are!

The Verge iPhone X Review (Read | Watch):

The worrying part is that Apple FaceID does not seem to work well in bright, daylight, or when there are bright lights behind your back (even in shops or supermarkets). Is it possible that Apple couldn’t test this extensively as the prototypes were always be kept in secret inside Apple’s lab?

TechCrunch iPhone X Review (Read | Watch):

On the contrary, TechCrunch had a blast with FaceID, saying that the feature works really great and the reviewer was using it outdoor in Disneyland, in bright daylight.

The video also shows how Apple uses FaceID to smartly reveal notification details coming on your screen, so it’s worth checking out the video to see how it works.

The rear camera photos look very awesome, love it.

CNET iPhone X Review (Read | Watch):

Scott tried few different things to see whether he can fool FaceID – such as getting a haircut, re-growing his “beard”, and wearing some apparels. It seems that for some “extreme” cases, you still require PIN access to unlock your phone than using the FaceID.

Selfies seem to be taken into the next level here with iPhone X.

MKBHD iPhone X Review (Watch):

Here, Marques was showing how FaceID wouldn’t work if you are looking away or when your eyes are closed. This confirms that no one should be able to unlock your iPhone X when you are sleeping. Unless if you sleep with your eyes closed, of course!

Google Pixel 2 phone seems to win in the front camera department, producing less warm and more natural selfies compared to the iPhone X.

He’ll still need more time to do a full review, as good reviewers should.

Jonathan Morrison iPhone X Review (Watch):

He talks more about the camera and the result of the shots toward the end of the video if you want to know more about the photo quality. Unlike MKBHD, he seems to favour the iPhone X more than the Pixel 2’s oversharping post production in some shots.

iJustine’s unboxing and brief talk about iPhone X (Watch):

Couldn’t find any new things to discuss but I guess it’s always exciting to watch how excited she is every time she talks about Apple products.

UPDATE: She talks about the 5 things she likes the most on the iPhone X:

Daily Telegraph iPhone X Review (Read):

Like Nilay Patel from The Verge, Jennifer from Daily Telegraph seems to stumble into the same problem. According to her:

“If you’re standing with the sun shining behind you, if you cover your mouth, eyes or nose, or if a severe shadow falls across your head, Face ID might not recognise you and will request your PIN.

While it recognised me with spectacles, it took a couple of attempts to recognise me without them. I entered my PIN both times and the iPhone X neural engine has since adapted to my altered appearance.

The same issue occurred when I swept my fringe off my face. A couple of attempts later, it’s adjusted to my hairstyles”

I’ll put more here as I read and watch more iPhone X Reviews around the net, but here are some discussions I threw about the FaceID unlocks:

It looks like FaceID needs some time to learn about your face and the surroundings as you unlock the phone more and more (like TouchID). I don’t think this is a groundbreaking issue, so no need to cancel your pre-order or doing some other extreme things!

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