iPhone X Case Review: Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact iPhone X Waterproof Rugged Case

iPhone X Case Review: Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact iPhone X Waterproof Rugged Case – As iPhones become more and more resilient to dust and water elements, one cannot help but wonder if there are enough reasons to protect your phone with a bulky case – or if a simple case would suffice.

For me, the question is simple: would you like to protect your increasingly more valuable iPhone with a case which also upgrades the capabilities of your phone to another level? I easily say yes.

For the past few weeks I have been taking Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact iPhone X Waterproof Rugged Case (hereon referred to as “The Wetsuit”) for a spin, and here are my findings.

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The Wetsuit Impact for iPhone X (hereon referred to as “The Wetsuit”) gives an all-round protection to your iPhone X whilst still gives you a little bit of style and maintain function. It boasts a unique combination of “water, shock, snow and dirt protection.” The Wetsuit has a unique transparent backside to keep your iPhone X colour character on display, whilst adding further touch of colour on the side rubber bumper (or black, if you are playing it cool).


The case also boasts an IP68 rating, which is one up than iPhone X‘s rating of IP67. Whilst they are both equally fully dust resistant, the “8” in IP68 means that you can intentionally pour and/or immerse your phone under water and expect no damage (compared to the “7” in IP67 which only covers splashing and/or accidental and brief dunking).

This feature means you can capture your moments on the oceans or swimming pools without worry. Or, if you are on your cold climate trips, the snow no longer needs to be your phone’s nemesis.


Then, whenever your phone is up for a clean, all you need to do is put your case-protected phone under running water.


The Wetsuit is also made to ensure that your iPhone is protected against accidental (or perhaps intentional?) drop up to 2 metres. This exceeds tough military standards (MIL STD 810G).


With a case like The Wetsuit, you no longer need to worry where to put my phone. I can go to the beach and drop it right onto the sand and know that the case protects my phone from dirt, sand and dust particles. And combined with its waterproof feature, I can easily wash it with water to get rid of the particles.


For me, the ultimate road test for a case is whether it impacts my day-to-day use of my phone.

Overall, The Wetsuit gets my good rating. The additional dimension that the case adds to the phone took only a little time to get used to. The screen protection layer felt natural and the touchscreen was quite responsive. The feeling of the case on my hands were also nice and it didn’t require me to handle my phone differently.

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The glass-like back panel also means that your wireless charging capability is intact and not reduced.

There are, however, minor things that can be ironed out for an even smoother case.

The frame of the case at the front is quite thick, and it covers the edges of the screen right up to the usable screen space. This makes accessing items on the edge of the screen a bit harder, especially when you have long fingernails.

iPhone X Case Dog and Bones-5

Then there are scenarios where I need to put more pressure for button functions to register, such as the screenshot function a lot (i.e pressing the volume up and power button at the same time) or turning off the phone (which requires pressing two buttons for a few seconds). But I guess this is a necessary trade-off.

When it comes to cable charging, the opening is a little bit difficult to access for large fingers (a little less difficult if you have a bit of length on your fingernails). Once it’s opened, the rubber opening and its “default to close position” means that the rubber is bent once the charging cable is attached.iPhone X Case Dog and Bones-13


The Wetsuit has four colour selection to choose from: Orange, Grey, Black, and Teal. For more information, check out Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact Waterproof iPhone X case.

Disclosure: Review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

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