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iPhone X Accessories from 3SIXT

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Have you got your iPhone X yet? If you haven’t, make sure to check our review on the iPhone X. You should realise by now that as beautiful as it is, the glass material is rather fragile. Drop your new iPhone and most likely it’ll shatter and meet its doom.

3SIXT has launched a wide range of cases and protectors to protect your new, shiny iPhone X and we have some samples here to look at.

3SIXT Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector

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Hate seeing scratches on the screen? 3SIXT offers a whole screen protection with its Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector. It smartly has openings to each of the individual components inside the iPhone X’s famous notch. This way, it protects the screen as much as possible, but still enables FaceID and other sensors to work.

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The packaging also comes with all the applicators you need to ensure a seamless installation.

3SIXT Card and Stand Case

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3SIXT Card and Stand Case combines protection and usability in one go. The case itself is a dual-layered design that offers protection to your iPhone X and has quite a striking back design that stands out among the crowd.

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It can act as a stand as well when needed, so you can watch your movies on a surface without having to use your hands to hold it forever.

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You can also slip in a card (an ID card, bank card, or transportation card) and behind that rugged material, the card will surely be safe from the rain or other impacts while it’s in the case pocket. Perfect for those who don’t want to carry a wallet and use Apple Pay for most card transactions.

3SIXT Aramid Case

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If you just want a thin, slim case for your iPhone X, the 3SIXT Aramid Case may be more suitable for you.

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But don’t let the simple looks fool you. The Aramid Case is actually made with genuine Kevlar Fibre – yes, that same material usually used for body armour. The strong, durable material will protect your phone from impacts. Knocking it with my finger shows how strong the hard material is.

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The case does not cover the buttons, which I prefer. This way, the buttons may not be fully protected, but they don’t feel stiff to press and more natural to use.


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This is definitely a classy case. The 3SIXT Neo Case has plenty to offer and flexibility to choose from. It’s a wallet-style case that looks professional and made with genuine leather. Compared to the Card and Stand Case earlier, the Neo Case can fit in cash and more than just a single card (up to 3 cards according to 3SIXT).

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And when you are going to a party, say, and do not want to carry a bulky case, you can take the inner shell case off and have a slimmer, compact protection for the night.

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If you have the 3SIXT NeoMount or NeoVent (sold separately), you can also mount the case in your car magnetically. The Neo Case’s flexibility is endless and shall cover all your needs. And yeah, even the inner case surface is made with leather. Classy!

Disclosure: Samples were supplied by 3SIXT for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

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