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Intel aims to empower different industries with Artificial Intelligence


AI (Artificial Intelligence) has definitely evolved. This year alone, we’ve seen how smartphone manufacturers are using AI to detect a scene within a photo shoot and smartly adjusts some camera settings to create better pictures.

We’ve also seen the grow of smart home speakers and voice asssistant that are actively learning and smartly give you suggestions and predictive actions in life.

However, AI can also power many major industries like agriculture, mining, and even medical to improve our ways of life.

Using AI and robotics, many tedious and dangerous farming work can be replaced by robots and drones. For example, I wrote about how the Intel Edison chip that’s powering the Titan drone help identifying crop stress and health, diseases, doing a fence line run, and can also be equipped to water the crops or record videos.

Intel Edison

In another example, Intel has published how Intel-powered AI machines can differentiate between two similar heart conditions and symptoms with greater accuracies. This helps doctors to quickly diagnose the real disease and find a solution to the problem faster. In the end, more lives will be saved.

Intel® Saffron™ AI, which uses human-like reasoning to find hidden patterns in data, can analyse multiple data sources with great accuracy (such as being able to scan 10,000 signals in a heartbeat which helps a lot in diagnosing a patient with acute heart disease).

The possibilities are endless and we are entering into an exciting era where AI was not just used for gaming or in military, but has evolved and helped many industry sectors to see what we cannot see, and do what we cannot do effectively.

The future is exciting!

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