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PRYSMA Projection Clock

PRYSMA Projection Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Review – Thanks to smartphones, I almost have zero need of having a physical alarm clock on my table. Woke up in the middle of the night and need to know how long do I have left to sleep? Just turn my phone on. Playing a full-screen game on the monitor and need to know the time? Just turn my phone on. Need to wake up every morning to work? Just set the alarm on my phone.

As good as these may sound, there is nothing that can beat having a good, old, physical clock. Your eyes will thank you at night and there are times where you wonder if the auto daylight saving on your phone fails on you. This projection clock from Oregon Scientific is a cool looking alarm clock and also spices your room up with its sleek modern design.

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There are lots of variant for the PRYSMA Projection Clock (colors, features) but the one I have here is the Black/Red PRYSMA Projection Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature. The combination of the black and red looks really sleek in my opinion. You can also tilt the red area where the projection will fire to certain angles.

The clock is plugged into power (which I like), although you’ll need 2xAAA batteries (included in the packaging) for the remote sensor to work. The remote sensor is meant to be placed outside your home for measuring the outdoor temperature and sending the data remotely to the clock.

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This is, of course, optional. You can even get 5 of them to measure different outdoor areas of the house if you want to. You can then switch through each sensor reading with the touch of a button (or two) to read them. Another built-in temperature on the clock also measures the current indoor temperature reading.

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The same remote sensor can also be used to get time accurately, assuming you live in the U.S, UK, or Europe Region. I couldn’t seem to be able to get it to work in Australia. And pretty often the remote sensor fails to send an outdoor temperature reading as well to the clock and requires a reset.

Apart from those hiccups, the projection clock works pretty well. You can set 2 different alarms on the clock and it also has a snooze function located on top of the main unit.

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The same snooze area is also used to project the clock and temperature readings on to the roof (or wall) for 5 seconds. You can, if you want, set the clock to always project it.

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The projection is big and clear, easily readable while I was lying on the bed in complete darkness. I like how I can just stare at the roof to check for the time compared to using my phone and get blinded by the bright screen as a result. Not to mention the risk of playing around with the phone if I see some notifications. I do wish that the Snooze area covers the whole top of the body though, because I often had to spend a few seconds trying to press the right spot to get the projection up.

If you are looking for a classy, sleek, physical alarm clock, make sure to check this PRYSMA clock out over at Oregon Scientific.

Disclosure: Sample was sponsored for the review but all opinions are 100% mine

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