Huawei just launched four new wearables in Australia

I’m still reviewing the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 (review should go live in a day or two) but looks like they’ve just released four new wearables in Australia: the HUAWEI WATCH DHUAWEI GT 3 ProHUAWEI WATCH FIT 2, and HUAWEI BAND 7.

These new, innovative wearables from Huawei are health-focused which include blood pressure and SpO2 monitoring. This is because according to NAB Australian Consumer Health Survey in 2021, 4 in 10 people said that they were prioritising their health more now than they did before COVID-19.

And the first thing these people would do is to search for a wearable that can help them achieve their goal or monitor their health 24/7!


The HUAWEI WATCH D is a wrist-type blood pressure monitoring device. It’s always on your wrist (unlike the Withings BPM Connect) so it is really easy and quick to monitor your blood pressure whenever, whereever.

To maintain accuracy, the WATCH D has a high-resolution pressure monitor, feedback pressure control circuit and low-flow airway. This allows the wearable to maintain a pressure measurement error within ±3mmHg4.

It also has over 70 workout modes and up to 7 days of battery life.

HUAWEI WATCH D retails for A$799.


The HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 is now available in a more stylish and luxurious titanium on the 46mm model and ceramic body with sapphire watch dial on the 43mm model.

With over 100 completely personalised workouts, it’s a perfect wearable for both personal and professional use – especially if you are also using it to plan your exercises and daily goals. It has IP68 and 5 ATM ratings so you can use this outdoor safely in any kinds of environments and even to go diving.

In Free Diving Mode, you can use the watch as deep as 30 metres. That’s crazy.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 PRO has an RRP of A$899 for the 46mm Titanium and A$999 for the 43mm Ceramic model.


Compared to the WATCH GT 3/GT 3 Pro, the WATCH FIT 2 is a lighter and cleaner model – which I’m currently still reviewing. I really like how compact and lightweight it looks on the wrist, and it also has a bright display.

It comes with up to 97 workout modes and there is also a built-in animated fitness coach which supports 7 different workout modes.

As for battery life, it can be used up to 7 days before you have to recharge it again.

The HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 has an RRP of A$299 for the Active model, and A$349 for the Classic model.


If you’re into band-wearables than watch-looking ones, the HUAWEI BAND 7 has up 14 days of battery life with 96 workout modes. It doesn’t look as bulky on your wrist as a watch and you definitely won’t feel it while you are sleeping.

It has a slimmer and smaller screen for sure, but if you only need something to monitor your health 24/7, the HUAWEI BAND 7 is only going to cost you A$159.

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