How to get Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ for free

SeaGate FreeAgent Theater+Do you have a webcam or a camera that can record a video? Then that’s all you need to get the Seagate FreeAgent Theater+™ for free. The Seagate FreeAgent Theater+™ is an HD media player that can play collection of photos, music, and videos stored on an external device or a computer on the network straight to your TV.

To get the Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ for free, all you need to do is join the Tryology program, request a sample/review unit, and then do a video review. The unit is then yours. There is a requirement, however, that you must already have an electronic product video review before. If you never did this before, just do a review on your phone, camera, or any other electronic products that you currently own and you’re set.

Apply for a Seagate FreeAgent Theater

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