How to fix Contact Form 7 problem in WordPress 3.0

Contact Form 7 sending foreverSomeone contacted me today through the Contact form and surprised that I actually received his message. When he tried to send the form across, there was no message confirmation that the form was successfully sent. I’m using a WordPress plug-in called “Contact Form 7”  at the moment and I didn’t realize that an upgrade to WordPress 3.0 seems to “break” it.

Curious, I tried to replicate the problem myself. The form seemed to be sent successfully but the sending/loading circle didn’t go away, giving the sender a wrong impression that the form is still being sent. Forever.

After some Googling, I found a few threads on the plug-in’s WordPress support forum that other bloggers are experiencing the same issues. A few suggestions to make the Contact Form 7 works again include a downgrade to an older JQuery (since WordPress 3.0 seems to have upgraded the version). However, there is another suggestion made by a user, kellye:

We changed this:
Thanks for your interest! Your message was sent successfully. We will get back to you within two business days.

To this to sound more friendly:
Thanks for your interest! Your message was sent successfully. We’ll get back to you within two business days.

When I took out the apostrophe and reverted from “we’ll” to “we will,” the CF7, miraculously, now works. JavaScript and all.

I got nothing to lose. I tried that and it worked like magic. The Contact Form 7 loading problem went away!

So if you are having problems/issues with your Contact Form 7 sending forever in WordPress 3, check your status message. If you use the default Contact Form 7 sent message, it contains apostrophe and you should try changing it to something else before you do anything else!

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