Heroes of the Storm’s new hero, Garrosh, is playable now


If you are playing Heroes of the Storm, the new Melee Warrior Garrosh is now available to play on the Nexus. Previously, he was only available on the PTR to test around.

Garrosh is a tank, but only has a decent health. He survives through a unique passive ability that increases his armour as he takes damage. He also has an active skill that heals you for a certain amount when you deal that skill damage to an enemy.

Garrosh HOTS

However, he has no means of quick escape, so you have to remember and take note of your positioning if you want to live long.

He has a good initiation skill, Groundbreaker, which will bring enemies closer to him if they are on the edge of the skill arc.

Garrosh HoTS groundbreaker

It doesn’t seem to have a big damage from the looks of it (will still have to try), so it is more useful for a team fight initiation.

On a similar note, he also has another powerful skill, Wrecking Ball (no, unfortunately nothing to do with Miley Cyrus’), that works similar to Diablo’s Overwpower ability but Garrosh can reposition the enemy anywhere within a short range. It can also be used as a great combo with Nova’s Precision Strike, for example.

Watch Garrosh, Son of Hellscream Highlight video below:

Read more about the release over at Heroes of the Storm news page.

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