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Get your own unique Facebook profile URL


facebook logoStarting from today, you can get your own unique Facebook profile URL! Realize how your profile page might look something like: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=SOME_NUMBERS? It’s silly, hard to remember, and there is no easy way to show your profile to other people unless you give them the full link to your Facebook profile.

So register your Facebook own URL by going to http://www.facebook.com/username/. Hurry up because you will compete with other Facebook users around the world! Once you choose your Facebook own URL , you can’t change it again though, so choose carefully!


  1. I got mine a bit earlier today. It sure looks a lot better than the old ugly URL they used to use. It is also a lot easier to remember.

  2. I see you got your own Michael :) facebook.com/michaelaulia
    I counted it down last night and nabbed mine too http://facebook.com/KevinEklund

    I’m glad to have this as I’m not the only Kevin Eklund out there :) Facebook profiles are dominating on Google. Getting a personalized url on facebook is a great way to control your online reputation besides having your own blog.

  3. Yup this is really cool feature from facebook .but there is a little restriction from facebook to stop unwanted flow for getting username they only provide username who registered before June 10th, 2009 :P
    If anyone who registered after this date next session for username will come soon so they need to wait :)
    but i ve also got one as m using FB frm long time :D
    facebook.com/hirenpandya :)

  4. Halo, michael, saya Ferdie, sama2 pake theme arthemia juga.
    Mau tanya beberapa pertanyaan dong, kamu pake hostgator juga kan? kalo image saya koq ga bisa muncul yah di post depan? caranya bagaimana yah? saya pakainya show first image, CHMOD saya ganti 755 semua tapi kenapa tidak bisa juga

    lalu mau tanya caranya masukin google adsense di post, kaya punya kamu, itu pake plugin atau apa?

    sama yang terakhir di setiap post kamu ada bookmark ke social bookmarking dan langgana rss, caranya gimana? thx yah michael

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