Firefox Crash? This might solve your problem

Firefox crash

I was trying Firefox 14 and the browser crashed continuously every half an hour (or more frequently than that sometimes). All research (by Googling) points to fixing Firefox crash by downgrading Flash player. It didn’t fix the problem.

I then installed an add-on to block Flash from loading and turned my extensions off. Still didn’t help at all, until I found a forum thread over at Mozilla about Firefox 14 crash.

The cause is simple: Bitdefender (a powerful and popular security software with antivirus, firewall, and other protection) which I have installed to review earlier.

The solution at this stage is to download Firefox 15 Beta and use it apparently, instead of using Firefox 14. It’s funny, because I had no problems with Firefox 13 and Bitdefender installed before.

I haven’t had any crashes so far yet, so looks like this solution works to fix these crazy Firefox crashes!

Another solution, is of course to just use Google Chrome ;)

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