Cloud System Booster Giveaway Winners


Cloud System Booster winners

Another giveaway has ended and 10 licenses of Cloud System Booster have to be distributed to 10 winners (10 participants with the highest entries).

Who are the 10 winners?

The winners to get free Cloud System Booster licenses are:

  1. Akshat Mittal
  2. Muhammad Semon Selim
  3. Vija
  4. Vic Limbo
  5. Shakil Bd
  6. Quoc Vuong
  7. Briareous Hex
  8. Suyanto Milanistik
  9. John White
  10. VirMatrix

Congratulations, guys! I’ll send the licenses to you all shortly. If you haven’t joined the BitDefender Total Security 2013 giveaway, you should!

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