Facebook: Friends/People you may know feature

Facebook People You May Know I haven’t logged in to my Facebook for quite some time (well I only do it whenever someone sends me a message or asking for a friend confirmation :D)

I wasn’t aware that they have a new feature called “People you may know” or “Friends you might know”. Facebook will suggest a list of possible friends, based on your friends’ friends. So if you are a friend of John and Jane, and they both know Tom, then there’s a possibility that you may have known Tom as well!

It’s a great feature and I found about 10 other friends from it (some of them are my childhood friends!)

The application is located at the bottom right corner of your “Home“.

However if it’s not there (somehow the bar has gone missing today when I open my facebook), you should see a “Find your friends” section / Friend finder. Click on it and it should take you to a new screen where you can search for friends.

The “People you may know” feature is at the bottom. The list is quite limited so you may have to refresh a few times to find your “unexpected” friends :D

Some people are complaining of privacy issues with this feature. I don’t think it’s a valid point, as you can search for them anyway and you should have limited your profile through the privacy settings if you don’t want to be “disturbed”.

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