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Titan Quest Mods

Titan Quest ModsI’ve found this site a few days ago about the PC game Titan Quest mods called Masteries. I like Titan Quest (and its expansion) a lot and somehow never get tired of replaying the game with a new different character every 6 months or so. The site I was talking about is the main site forĀ Titan Quest mods called “Masteries”.

Titan Quest “Masteries” mods is a fan-made modification for the PC-game “TitanQuest”. This Titan Quest mod replaces the nine masteries of the original game plus adding an extra “xpack” with nine new masteries (replacing them altogether for more slashing and hacking goodness)!

Titan Quest mods Masteries

  1. Alchemy (the master for bombs and confusion)
  2. Archery (the mastery for bows)
  3. Bestiary (the mastery for pets)
  4. Chronosophy (the mastery for speed and slowing down)
  5. Close Combat (the mastery for melee weapons)
  6. Construction (the mastery for objects of all kind)
  7. Mysticism (the mastery for damage)
  8. Sorcery (the mastery for elemental damage)
  9. Vampirism (the mastery for bleeding, pierce and area attacks)

Each master will of course has its own skills, just like the Titan Quest’s original masteries. The gameplay itself hasn’t changed, only the masteries and skills being modded.

Titan Quest Mods Titan Quest Mods Titan Quest Masteries Mod

Where to download Titan Quest Masteries mod

If you feel like replaying Titan Quest (and its Immortal Throne expansion pack) all over again, check and download Titan Quest Masteries mods out for a newer fresh gameplay. At least this should satisfy your hack-and-slash cravings until Diablo 3 comes out. Titan Quest is still one of the best game after Diablo 2 so it is cool if we can all play it all over again with new classes and skills. Even with the Titan Quest: Immortal Throne expansion pack, it still is not enough to satisfy as you can finish it up in just days away.

I’ve been eager to try this Titan Quest Masteries mod out myself. If any of you have tried other Titan Quest mods, please share your experience and thoughts here! You can also search for other Titan Quest mods over at Fileplanet, I believe.