I’ll be around for at least 5 years

Yup, you heard that right. This blog will still be around for at least the next 5 years (at least that’s the plan). So, do not worry, especially if you like this blog :) and if it’s not because of your support for this blog so far, I won’t be staying here blogging.

Yesterday I received an offer from my host, LunarPages, to take advantage of their current Fall special of $4.95/month with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage (the offer won’t last long). Without much hesitation, I agreed and told the representative that I’d go for 5 years.

I’ve been happy to be with LunarPages that I’ve asked him whether he can offer me the same to my church site (for another 10 years) and my Christianity blog (for another 5 years). Now, dodgy hosting providers will cut-off your current plan period and replace it with the new plan, even though you have paid for the rest of the period on the old plan. Lunarpages is thankfully, not a dodgy provider. LunarPages replaces my old plan with this one AND extends my account period (which should expire on January 2009) to January 2014!

Check out my personal review on LunarPages if you are looking for a new web hosting and also a $25 OFF coupon code from LunarPages.

Lunarpages Bill

On the same issue, recently I’ve read on a few blogs that having your domain expiry longer may affect your SEO and the way Google rank your site/blog. This is still a speculation but apparently some people agree that it is true. Google’s secret algorithm may have a formula to find out whether your blog/site is a spam site or a genuine site simply by looking at your domain expiry date. Genuine sites tend to have longer domain expiry and Google might give a bonus “trust” point. What do you guys think of this?

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