A Giggle for Google’s Goggles

GmailI did giggle a bit when I read today about Gmail’s new feature called “Mail Goggles”.

Mail Goggles displays a series of Math questions that will appear on the final step before you send that email you’ve just written, to make sure that you have written what you should have written.

Apparently lots of drunkards sent literally hundreds of emails that were not supposed to be sent when they got drunk on Friday night. This was one of the reasons why the Gmail dev team decided to implement this feature.

I think the only emails that I shouldn’t have sent were the job application emails some years back. I copy pasted the email contents but apparently I forgot to change the name of the company in one of the email. Ouch.

Mail Goggles is a “lab” feature, meaning that it’s not supposed to be final or ready yet. Gmail Labs are for testing purposes only but feel free to try and give a feedback to the Dev team whether you like the features or not.

To enable Mail Goggles on your Gmail, go to “Settings” on the top and then go to the “Labs” tab menu on the far right.

Gmail Mail Goggles

You should see a list of experimental Gmail features that you can enable/disable easily. Try to find “Mail Goggles” on that list of experimental features and then enable the feature.

Gmail Mail Goggles

Once you’ve enabled it, you can change its settings on the “General” settings tab. You can change the settings, such as the time of the day that you want this feature to be turned on and also the difficulty of the math questions.

Gmail Mail Goggles

If you try to send an email during the specified timeframe, you’ll be presented a series of Math questions in which you have to answer correctly before Gmail gives you the green light. Think of it as your “digital breath analyzer”, courtesy of Google :)

Gmail Mail Goggles
Of course, if you don’t drink alcohol (like me), you shouldn’t enable this annoying feature at all! Not unless you are planning to enhance your mathematical skill on a daily basis.

If you think that you’re giggling (a good indicator that you are becoming drunk) when you are writing an email on Google’s Gmail, make sure that you turn on your Google’s Goggle on ^^

Source: Gmail official blog

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