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Have you verified your trackbacks and pingbacks?

If you own a blog, you'll probably want other bloggers to spread and link back to your post. This is where trackbacks and...
auto post Wordpress to Facebook fan page

Auto post WordPress to Facebook fan page

I have already talked about how to auto post WordPress to Facebook using the WordBook plug-in. The plug-in allows you to automatically post your...

Reduce WordPress CPU Usage #3 – Reduce your database queries

This is my 3rd post on the post series: how to reduce WordPress CPU usage. Read the complete series on my Blogging Guide series...

Reduce WordPress CPU Usage #2: Uninstalling a WordPress plug-in completely

Today, we are going to talk about how to clean up WordPress plug-in left overs / uninstall a WordPress plug-in completely. Do you know that...

Reduce WordPress CPU Usage #1 – General tips

I've been trying to optimize this WordPress blog because of the high CPU usage reported by my web hosting. I'll post a few tips...

How to submit blog posts from WordPress to Facebook automatically

You've probably known a lot of sites or plug-ins that auto submit blog posts to Twitter (auto tweet the recently published blog posts)....