Top 5 Design Elements Your Blog Needs to Have

Note: This is a guest post written by Harvey J

Setting up a blog is not a complicated thing, but designing an efficient one requires the right information. This is because there are features whose use or omission determine whether the blog is outstanding or mediocre. Let’s discuss the design elements that are essential and that every business should consider to have a successful blog. 

Use Striking and Relevant Images

Blogs with images lead to more clicks from visitors. Consequently, if the content proves informative and relevant to them, it will increase leads, subscribers, and the fan base. The images should be both attractive and appropriate for the blog post.

Make Use of Video

Research shows that four times as many visitors to a blog would rather watch a video than read the content, making it essential to incorporate videos. Similarly, half of the readers will read newsletters that link to videos, and 80 percent of them would like a video demonstrating how a product operates.

A video is easier to recall than an advertisement, with 80 percent of visitors remembering the details of the video compared with just 14 percent who recall details of an advertisement.

Incorporate Audios in Your Blog Design

Audios are a good complement to videos. Including audio or voiceover will give a voice to the video. Using audio helps readers get the message in the shortest amount of time as contrasted to using words only. To ensure the total effectiveness of the audio, it should be of the highest quality, since people dislike inaudible or unclear audios.

Implement White Space

White space entails using broad columns and longer gaps between paragraphs in an article, making it more appealing to the eye. With readers’ attention spans shortening by the day, the best way to prevent them from losing interest in content is to avoid writing long sentences.

The ideal length of a paragraph is three short sentences since long sentences make it harder to retain the reader’s interest. They prefer the message in short and precise sentences, so the secret is to lay out the paragraphs in smaller sections.

Real-Time Chat as a Blog Design Element

This is the live transmission of text-based or video-based communication from a sender to the receiver between two people or a group. Live stream gives a business total freedom with no time constraints. Incorporating real-time performance into a blog will lead to users having greater interaction as well as engagement.

Using Agora for social media will enable a business to discover that real-time chat is not only a source of entertainment — retailers and brands can also utilize it to inform people about their products and services. 

In summary, building a blog is just a first step. The real work lies in incorporating design elements that can help a blog to flourish. These results are achieved by using white space, videos, real-time chat, attractive images, and audios. Including these elements as a complement to great content will help to build a successful blog.

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