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Note: This guest post was written by Kirsten from

Make Your Blog More Social – Social media has taken the world by storm in the recent years. This particular takeover has provided everyone with the opportunity to harness various social media networks in an effort to establish their brand, drive traffic, and harness many other great benefits that will somehow support their cause.

This guide was developed to help others learn how they can take the top social media sites and use it to drive success to their blog or business.

Let’s move onto the rest of this social media guide to see just how much your blog or business can benefit from the various social media websites.

Attention Bloggers: Do Your Homework on Hosting Plans

If you don’t, the results could be really devastating! You want to make sure that when you attempt social media marketing that your hosting plan has enough resources to accommodate growth in traffic as well as the growth that will occur on your blog.

The main things that you should look for in hosting plans are that you get plenty of disk space as well as bandwidth. Chat up a sales rep if the host that you’re considering has live chat available on their website.

Understanding How Social Media Works

You may know about social media marketing, but this is something that has to be covered before you introduce anyone to social media. The reason for this is that it’s critical to understand that what is shared or done via social media will always be there.

This means that you want to assure that you or your business is perceived as an expert and useful ally for others to have. Good things do come to those who are perceived to be a valuable part of the technology-driven world that we live in today.



Facebook is known for being the social media network that exploded quickly into an addition of many lives all around the world. This makes it a great place to network with friends, family, and like-minded individuals. Scoping in on people with certain interests hasn’t ever been as easy as it is with Facebook.

This is a social media network that provides an endless amount of opportunities for professionals, bloggers, and businesses that want to harness modern technology in a manner that provides progress towards a successful future. Just make sure that you optimize your social media appearance to reflect you, your company, or your blog as the best resource in your niche.



Twitter is a micro-blogging platform where users tweet about what they’re doing as well as other things that they’d like to share with their followers. Since the status updates on Twitter are limited on character usage, it’s a great way to get your point across in a no-nonsense manner.

Another wonderful thing about Twitter is that just about everyone uses it. You can search for certain people as well as find out who would have an interest in your blog or your business by picking people from certain categories.



Digg is a website where users determine what the hottest reads are in online world. If a user enjoys what they read, they can “Digg” it. Enough of these Diggs and the content can be featured on the front page of

When pages reach the front page of Digg, an extreme burst in traffic usually occurs. Make sure that your web host is capable of supporting your blog when it experiences “The Digg Effect.” This is one social networking site that can’t be underestimated as countless people around the world use it daily.

Be sure that when you Digg your own content that you Digg the content of others as well. This will assure that you’re not just there for self-promotion.



StumbleUpon is a website where people can “stumble pages” that they’re interested in. Users also have the ability to post positive or negative reviews via the StumbleUpon toolbar.

You can expect this social media site to bring you a nice amount of traffic (which most top blog hosts can easily handle) as long as you get enough stumbles and positive reviews. This is honestly a great asset for blogs and businesses alike as it can produce long-term benefits when utilized within a sound social media marketing plan.

One last thing to keep in mind is that you should ensure that you have a fast web host. “Stumblers” don’t like to wait to wait for pages to load when they’re surfing the net and they’ll quickly leave slow sites.


Google Plus

At the time that this guide was written, Google+ is one of the hottest social media topics on the net. Google entered the social networking world once again with this site that provides you with an opportunity to meet live with your friends via a webcam and the ability to “spark” sites/pages that you like. The content is derived from Google search results as well as other sources.

Google+ is still in its infancy, but this is something that many businesses and bloggers are already trying to implement into their social media marketing strategy. Whether or not this will be the next Facebook is something that still has to be proven.

Streamline Your Social Media Updates with Easy to Use Software

Anyone that’s tried to manually manage their multiple social media accounts will tell you that it’s a pain. Thankfully you can gain useful statistics and other cool tools with social site management software like HootSuite or TweetDeck (which doesn’t contain as much in terms of stats and social media marketing tools as HootSuite).

Don’t Forget to Make Your Blog Sociable

Last but not least, utilize a social media plugin such as Sociable or ShareBar on your blog to get the best results with your social media activities. This will make it a lot easier for your visitors to share your posts and offers with their friends while giving you more of a chance to become viral

Note: This guest post was written by Kirsten from

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