Elon Musk Confirms Plans to Charge New Users of X a One-Time Fee to Post

Elon Musk, the head of X (a.k.a. Twitter), recently made a statement regarding his plan to impose a fee for new users who want to publish content to curb the perennial menace of bots. This orderly step was made following the recommendation of the report of last year, which indicated that such moves were about to happen.

Elon Musk Announces New Fee for X Users to Combat Bot Invasion: Will It Make a Difference?

Musk focused on x, discussing the expanding problem of fake accounts and robot automation. He claimed that the newly developed AI technologies can easily pass most of the standard CAPTCHA tests that are thought to identify automatically generated accounts, which means that some should be imposed for a new user registration to cut down the bot’s activity.

But there’s one catch, however, Musk guarantees that the readers will be able to view content and follow accounts without subscribing to the premium plan. It is hypothesized by an X app code analysis for new users to require a “small annual fee” which will enable posting features such as bookmarking, liking, and commenting. 

The aim of this is to “weed out bots and spam, thereby improving the quality of the platform. Musk had acknowledged the fee approach, but he had said nothing about when the new model would be introduced or how much it cost. Among unconfirmed users, a $1 annual fee is supposedly mentioned in early rumors.

Being the CEO of X, Musk has never been a quiet person about his aim of eliminating bots and spam. This dedication contributed to the adoption of the $8 per month membership fee for a single verified badge. But it seems that this campaign failed to eliminate a lot of robots from the network, as they even may have got verification for money to look like real users.

There is a controversy on how the given fee could address the issue of the bot. Whether the strategy would succeed or not is being questioned by the tech news site 9to5mac. They indicate that the current fee which is $8 is inefficient in the elimination of the bots, hence it makes people doubt whether the new fee would be more effective.

Talks about the fee have raised the attention of people both in the expert community and in tech enthusiasts. Some think that fee could scare away bot builders, but others are not convinced. It can never be known yet if that amazing method could solve X’s bot problems due to the community members discussing the pluses and minuses of this technique. We’ll be keeping close tabs on the course of events and providing you with fresh information as it comes to light. Keep checking back.

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