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Blizzard Hearthstone gets a big update for the New Year

Hearthstone Year of the Raven

Hearthstone is a free-to-play online collectible card game by Blizzard that I play everyday on my smartphone. The new Hearthstone Year, Year of the Raven comes with major updates with new meta and cards.

Fresh, new cards bring new varieties to the gameplay to keep you from collecting new cards and playing with new combo and decks. This also means you’ll be able to battle online players using new, fresh decks.

On the other hand, these decks will be moved to Wild so you better start on replacing those cards on your decks: Whispers of the Old GodsOne Night in Karazhan, and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

So what changes are in for the Year of the Raven?

  • New Druid Hero: Lunara (if you play Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm, you should be familiar with the hero). How to unlock Lunara? Simply play and win 10 games in Standard mode – which is really easy, compared to winning against the Lich King with all heroes.
    Hearthstone Lunara
  • In-Game Tournaments, allowing you to run a Hearthstone tournament from your own home or Fireside Gathering. You can create a custom tournament so if your friends are all playing Hearthstone, you can get together and organise something fun! The feature will launch first as a beta around the middle of the year 2018.
  • Three new expansions with over 130 cards and single-player content – which will be announced soon.
  • Some cards have been moved out from Standard into the Hall of Fame such as Ice Block, Coldlight Oracle, Molten Giant. This is great – I hate Ice Block and Coldlight Oracle.

Hearthstone Year of the Raven Official Announcement Video:

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