Battlefield Heroes Beta Announcement + New Trailer

Battlefield HeroesI was looking at my site’s Google Analytics screen and saw that a few people came to my site from Google by typing “Battlefield Heroes Beta” and I thought to myself “What? There’s a BETA and I don’t even know about it??”.

Battlefield Heroes is a going-to-be-free to play Battlefield game. It’s still under development and scheduled to be released this Summer 2008 (or Winter 2008 for me in Australia). If you want to know more about Battlefield Heroes, please read my previous post about it here.

So I went to the site and found the beta announcement and a new awesome trailer (the second trailer) about character’s customization and more gameplay madness.

Battlefield Heroes Beta Announcement

No, no, not yet. The closed beta is starting on May 6th 2008. The first phases will be by invitations only. How do you get the invitations?? I ended up like you, my fellow readers, to search in Google lol. It’s good that the blogger and the readers are working together, eh? Anyways, after searching around the web, I found that there is no word or clue yet on how to get an invitation. What I do though, is leaving a comment on the official new trailer post. Who knows if you are contacted just because you’ve made a comment there :P

Battlefield Heroes Beta


New Trailer

There is also a new trailer available about character’s customization. Not just that, a few gameplay videos are included in the trailer as well. The official trailer page is located here BUT I’ve embedded the movie below to make it easier for you:


There also updates on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about this game: When is Battlefield Heroes coming out? What’s the minimum spec for Battlefield Heroes? Etc.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for the Beta. As soon as I hear something about it, you will be the first to know!

Are you excited with this game?


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