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April 2008 Traffic Statistics

April Statistics Graph

As always, I usually post my last month’s traffic statistic on every beginning of the month. So here it is, April 2008 statistic from Google Analytics:

27,690 Visits, 39,900 Pageviews

  • Referring Sites 21,367 (73.69%)
  • Search Engines 5,157 (17.79%)
  • Direct Traffic 2,465 (8.50%)
  • Other 6 (0.02%)

Although the traffic is not much different than the previous month, I do notice an increase of organic traffics (from search engines, especially Google) these few days quite significantly.

April 2008 achievements were good, especially in the middle of the month. I had a boost in my Alexa Ranking, became the top blog on Entrecard’s Technology category, and ever came close to the top 10 of Entrecard’s most popular blogs.

Entrecard Top Technology

At the end of the month though, things didn’t really go quite well. Alexa changed its ranking system and since I haven’t got a good PageRank yet, my ranking dropped quite significantly. I’m now on the second rank of Top Technology blogs at Entrecard.com (1st-3rd ranks), and I’m no where close to the most popular blogs on Entrecard anymore.

It’s okay. It makes me feel to focus more on discovering good contents and writing good posts. I’ve spent too much time on Entrecard and other blogging “chores”. Time that I should spend more on tweaking my blog and writing great posts that you love. Someone was offering a help to tweak the colors of my blog (which some of you love or hate), so I’m still waiting for the nice guy to come back for me :) But yeah, I’m planning to tweak my blog a bit this month.

I also want to focus more on search engine traffics and less from StumbleUpon kind of traffics. It’ll probably bring down my number of visitors/impressions, but what good it be to have thousands of traffics, but no loyal readers?

These are my last month’s Top 5 posts:

  1. Guess the right girl (7,615 views) <- can’t believe this kind of post can be so popular lol
  2. My impression on the new Avast antivirus v4.8 (2,622 views)
  3. PC Games: Frontlines: Fuel of War Review/Impression (2,383 views)
  4. Free Onion Head MSN/WLM Emoticons (1,644 views)
  5. The simplest image resizer app ever! (562 views)

Please post your blog’s traffic statistics post on the comment section. I’d love to see yours!

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