Guess the right girl

A friend sent me this to my email. There are 7 boys and only 1 girl in the attached picture. Can you find out who is the girl?

So, pick your girl now! :D

8 Girls Puzzle

[poll id=”2″]

I’ll let the poll run for a few days for fun. Don’t forget to put some comments as well to make it more fun! If you are an Entrecard member, I’ll randomly pick ONE of you who get the correct answer and give you 100EC :)

DISCLAIMER: I got this from a friend and the source is unfortunately not very reliable. So if you are actually a real person, a real female, and you are on the picture, I’m truly sorry!

PS: Don’t forget to come back here around Monday Night or so, for the answers and then we can all have some laughs :D (or you can subscribe to the comments)

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