Battlefield: Bad Company Beta Key Giveaway

What is Battlefield: Bad Company? From the Wiki:

Battlefield: Bad Company (abbreviated BFBC) is a first-person shooter under development by Digital Illusions CE (DICE). Currently planned to be released in June, 2008 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Bad Company will be the first Battlefield game to be developed specifically for current-gen consoles.

It’s currently on a closed Beta. Beta keys are limited so hurry if you want to participate in its beta testing!


Requirements to be a beta tester:

• Multiplayer beta is ONLY on Xbox 360
• Xbox LIVE Gold Account REQUIRED
• Experience with Battlefield, FPS games, and past beta tests required

Most public beta keys have already gone, but Planet Battlefield still has some beta keys left. Fill in the form on their page for a chance to be accepted in the beta!

Also, have you ever heard of Battlefield:Heroes? Check the next FREE Battlefield series from EA here.

Where is the beta for PC??? :(


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