Battlefield Heroes Beta Keys Free for you

Battlefield Heroes Beta Key

UPDATE: Unfortunately I have no more keys left. PLEASE IGNORE THIS POST AND READ THIS ONE: If you come here to get a Battlefield Heroes Beta Key, please check out my other post here: Battlefield Heroes Beta re-open for registration. I’ve also closed the comments section as there is no more point in requesting the keys.

I’m currently a Beta tester on Battlefield Heroes Beta multiplayer game.

We usually have tournaments almost every weekend and if we win, we can win some extra Battlefield Heroes Beta keys to be given to our friends.

Unfortunately I can’t say anything much about the beta (we are not allowed to :(), but I can surely say that it’s fun to play, I really enjoy it, and I want to share it to you guys too.

So last weekend, I basically won the tournament (my nickname was “Snip3rWolf” ) and herefore was given 5 beta keys.

Battlefield Heroes Beta Key

I’ve reserved 3 keys for my friends but I still have 2 more available special for my lovely readers (you) :)

So feel free to contact me through the Contact link above or comment here, and I’ll give you the keys. First come first serve!

To know more about the game, check my post here

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