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Sexify your GMail and GCal (Google Calendar)


Google Gmail and CalendarAre you getting bored of looking at your plain Gmail and GCal (Google Calendar)’s look? Looking for some Google Calendar and/or Gmail skins and themes?

For some people, the default user interface is good enough but for others, it looks plain and boring.

Globex Designs’ nice themes are made for both Gmail and Google Calendar. The themes will “sit” on top of the applications using a Firefox Extension called Stylish, therefore, there are no modifications to the actual Google applications.

To sexify your Gmail and GCal, you need:

  • Mozilla Firefox as your browser
  • Install an extension called “Stylish”
  • Get the Gmail and Google Calendar CSS styles from Globex Designs website.
  • Apply it (read the installation instructions on the pages)
  • Install the Google Redesigned extension
  • Enjoy the new sexy look (or hate it!)

The new look of Gmail:

GMail Skins and Themes

The new look of Google Calendar:

Google Calendar Skins and Themes

I personally love the new looks and currently using them on both my Gmail and Google Calendar. If you are accessing these applications on a daily basis and you are a type of person whose eyes liked to be pleased, then you should give it a try :)

Of course, once you get bored with them, you can always revert back to the default ones.


  1. isn’t it cool? “sexify”.. it is my first time to hear these word actually..but can gmail be any sexier..or google for that matter? I think the company’s motto is: ‘simplicity is beauty’…?? whattcha think?

  2. Thanks for the tips Mike but honestly I don’t use Gmail, only in Yahoo. Which do you prefer Yahoo or Gmail. I am just wondering because a lot of people are saying Gmail is better. Just wanna know your opinion, thanks ;0

  3. Glad you guys like the skins. Some people in the forums hate it though, lol.

    @LayGuy: Hey! Thanks for sharing that one. I’m gonna ditch the Stylish extension and use this instead. I’d recommend everyone to use the extension too. That way, if there is an update to the style, you’ll get notified automatically and easier to update too!

  4. Woah! Cool new look for Gmail! (I don’t use Google Calendar). However, I’m quite happy with it’s simple, organized look – at least it’s not as bland and ugly as Knol! Urghhh… I remember being excited about that when they first announced it a long time ago – now I’m not even bothering to sign up! Wikipedia, though it has spam and stupid people, is still much better!

    However, I am using the Firefox extension “Better Gmail” now and then, and there you can also change the look of the Gmail a bit. For example, you can make the whole interface any color you want, like green, you can add HTML to your messages and images – the only downfall is that it has to be used with the “Older Version” of Gmail. It seems the author doesn’t want to upgrade it for the newer one.

    Still, for me it’s enough and it’s definitely worth it to click the “Older Version” link every time just to make “Better Gmail” work. Did I tell you how it lets you make HTML signatures too, without the two annoying dashes (–)? Trust me, it’s pretty cool. You should check it out everyone! :D Perhaps then the author will feel the need to upgrade!

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