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April 2009 Traffic & Income Statistics

April 2009 traffic statistics

This blog’s April 2009 statistics: 30,028 visits with 43,432 pageviews.

  • Referring Sites – 10,239 visits
  • Search Engines – 17,491 visits
  • Direct Traffic – 2,293 visits
  • Other – 5 visits

Total money made online in April 2009: $157.80

Referring Sites Breakdown

april 2009 referring sites

Money made online in April 2009 Breakdown

  • Google AdSense – $103.21
  • BuzzLogic – $24.59
  • Private advertising – $30

April 2009 Post Highlights

Since I took out the Global Translator plug-in, my traffic from search engines was reduced. It’s a pity really because translated posts open up the possibilities in getting more international visitors around the world.

Not much to say this month really, apart from a disappointing traffic figure compared to last month. I really need to ramp up my effort to market this blog more rather than waiting for the visitors to come by themselves!

As always, feel free to post your traffic’s figure from last month on the comments section.

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