Amazon releases Glacier web service–pays only a cent per GB of data per month

Amazon Glacier

Who says that online backup is expensive or not worth it? Amazon doesn’t think so obviously. Today, they were releasing a new web service called Amazon Glacier to the public. Amazon Glacier is a storage service that provides secure and reliable storage for data archiving and backup.

According to Amazon, they will only charge $0.01 (a cent) per GB per month, which is the lowest that you can ever get in the market (or correct me if I’m wrong). Now of course, there are other costs on top of this but they are still minimal at best.

On top of a cent per GB of data per month, you will also need to pay 5 cents per 1,000 requests of UPLOAD and RETRIEVAL requests (I think a thousand is pretty generous here). There are also other costs that may be associated to your current needs, so best is to double check at Amazon Glacier official page.

Why Amazon Glacier pricing is so low? That’s because it will take you around 3.5-4.5 hours to be able to retrieve your data back. So this means that you should use Amazon Glacier only if your data is not that crucial that you have to be able to restore it instantly.

Still a great service nevertheless, for both professional and personal use, don’t you think? Though if you only have a few GB of files to back-up, there’s always the Dropbox service for free.

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