A handy, powerful, and rechargeable pocket light for your photography and videography needs

Pixel Liber RGB Pocket Video Light Review – No matter how good your camera or smartphone is, you won’t be able to have great pictures without good lighting. While you can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in the lighting department, they are often big, heavy, and bulky.

I normally used my Elgato Key Light Air to take my product photos but because I don’t have a proper studio set up, I had to pack it up each time I use it – which is a hassle. Plus, it can’t be used if there is no power socket nearby which limits my creativity in taking photos.

Thankfully, this handy, rechargeable pocket light surpasses my expectation with its very bright, adjustable LEDs and can even be attached to a DSLR camera, tripod, or be held with just your hands.

The packaging includes an optional soft box diffuser and a hot shoe mount adapter for your DSLR camera. The pocket video light itself has a built-in magnet so it can be attached to appliances or a metal pole, assuming you have them around. I use the hot shoe mount adapter with my Canon camera all the time though and it works great.

Thanks to Liber, the subject can be fully lit – which is really important when you are taking photos or recording videos. For example, you can see the difference here below when I didn’t use any extra lighting from the Pixel Liber RGB (left photo) and the headset I’m reviewing does not pop out. The right one is where I took the photo with the pocket light and in my opinion, looks much better.

The pocket video light is also rechargeable so you can use it without any cables. This makes it really flexible and useful in all kinds of situations – whether you are shooting a product photo at home or doing a vlog outside for your YouTube subscribers after the sun goes down.

Liber is very flexible as you can adjust the colour temperature (between 2500K-8500K), RGB (with separate R, G, and B setting), Hue (0-765), Saturation, and brightness.

Now, the thing that people would worry the most is how bright can a portable, rechargeable pocket light be?

Thankfully, it is really, really bright. Most of the time, I barely have to crank the brightness up to the max when I’m taking my product photos with it. Even in complete darkness, you can get really good lighting without the maximum setting and if you place the pocket light at a good distance.

With its flexibility, you can produce creative photography by setting a different scene mood thanks to the RGB/Hue/Saturation, and Colour Temperature tweaks. When creating videos contents for example, setting these correctly can create the right mood of a scene in your video clips.

There are preset scene effects like lightning, ambulance, police, etc to spice your clips up with the cool light reflections. This is more for a fun factor as you may need 2 or more of this handy device to create believable effects.

You can control everything on the device itself and thankfully, you can see your current settings on its bright, built-in screen. There is an app too though I’ve never found the need to install one, unless if you like to change your settings frequently. But honestly, just use the built-in controls. It’s more than enough.

Apart from making contents, Pixel Liber RGB Pocket Video Light is also great for video conferences like Zoom meetings, virtual product briefing, or even when you need to touch up your make up in a restroom. The device can just be placed inside your handbag for this occasion when you are out and about.

Pixel Liber RGB Pocket Video Light Review Conclusion

I really love this compact, handy pocket video light. Pixel Liber RGB Pocket Video Light can produce very bright lighting with a lot of adjustment options that you can use for basically anything – content productions (personal, social media, even professional) or just when you need some good lighting to touch up your makeup or for video calls.

I’m very amazed with the quality and how useful it is. I’m now using Pixel Liber in all my product review photos here at Craving Tech. I can definitely see the difference in the photo quality and I don’t need to set up my bulkier light each time I need to take some product shots.

Definitely looking forward to carry this outside too when I need to take photos or videos in low light situations.

You can find more details about the product on its official website and purchase it at Amazon.

Disclosure: Pixel Liber RGB Pocket Video Light review sample was supplied for reviewing

Pixel Liber RGB Pocket Video Light Review


Very handy rechargeable, portable light for photography, videography, and everything else that requires some lighting


  • Really good build quality
  • Soft box diffuser included
  • Can be really bright
  • Decent battery life
  • Powerful settings (Individual RGB, Hue, Saturation, Colour Temperature)


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