7 Siri hacks that make life better

Note: This is a guest post written by Todd G

If you have an iPhone, you’ve no doubt met Siri. Although you’re probably aware of some of her basic capabilities, you may not be taking advantage of all her potential.

Knowing these seven Siri hacks can make your life better and help make some of your chores and errands easier and more convenient.

1. Measurement Conversions

Siri is a master at just about any measurement conversion. If you are in Europe and want to convert Euros to Dollars, she can handle that without a problem. If you’re in a country where you don’t even know the currency, she can tell you, and then convert it for you.

You can also ask Siri to convert the temperature from Celsius to Farenheit or vice versa. She can also convert cups to gallons or ounces to cups.

As long as you ask her about measurements that are in similar units, then Siri will have no problem converting them for you.

2. Make Reservations

If you’re a business person taking clients out, or just planning a date night, leave it to Siri to make a reservation for you. All you need to do is tell her the time and place, and she will use Yelp to show you restaurants with their ratings and locations, then you can click on the “make reservation” button to go to OpenTable to finish the process.

3. Reminders

You’re probably aware that Siri can remind you of something at a certain time, but you may not realize she can also alert you based on your location as well. If you need to pick up wine for dinner, Siri can alert you when you are near a store that’s in your contacts list. If you need to pick up something from the office, she can remind you while you’re there.

Just make sure the spot is in your contacts, and Siri will remind you when you get close. With the help of the GPS in your iPhone 6 Plus, Siri won’t let you drive by somewhere and completely forget you were supposed to stop as long as you always have your smartphone in hand.

4. Return a Phone

If you’re a good Samaritan, and come across someone’s iPhone that is password protected, Siri can help you find the owner.

All you need to do is press the home button and ask Siri who owns the phone. Siri will give you the contact information of the phone, which may include the email address. That way you can get the phone to its owner, and get some good karma in return.

5. Read Your Messages Aloud

If you’re in a situation where you shouldn’t be reading your phone, you can always have Siri read your messages to you. The best example is probably when you are driving, although you should limit all distractions in that situation.

Otherwise, whether your eyes are tired, you have your hands full, or you’re just feeling lazy, ask Siri to read messages to you and she will be happy to oblige.

6. Name That Tune

If you hear a song, and you want to know the title and artist, Siri can help. Just push down the home button and let Siri listen to the music. She can name the song, and then give you the option to buy it through iTunes.

You’ll never again have to wonder what that song was that you heard on the radio, in a bar, or in a store.

7. Delete All Your Alarms

There are two types of people in the world: those who have one or two alarms on their list, and those who have alarms for every single event of the day. If you’re the second type, and the thought of deleting every alarm is exhausting, Siri can help. All you need to do is tell her to delete all of your alarms, and you can start with a clean slate.

Siri’s capabilities are almost like having your own personal assistant. Although she can’t do everything for you, she will probably often surprise you with everything she is capable of doing, and all you have to do is ask.

Note: This guest post is written by Todd G

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