3SIXT 360° Full HD Sports Action Camera with Wi-Fi

3SIXT Camera Review

360° Full HD Sports Action Camera with Wi-Fi Review – The rise of the 360 degree camera and subsequent viewing options available from Facebook and Youtube are creating interest in the general 360 degree consumer market. It’s still an expensive exercise to even dip your toes into this arena and there is a technical component to it, but if you fancy trying this style out, then be thankful for companies like 3SIXT.

I believe the 3SIXT 360° Full HD Sports Action Camera with Wi-Fi offers a realistic and cost effective way to try out this burgeoning video/image format.

3sixtcamera-3The beauty of this is that for $199.95, 3SIXT provide not just a camera capable of recording video and snapshots in multiple formats, they even provide a slew of accessories to help you use it. From waterproof casing to suction and helmet mounts, there really is little reason you can’t start using this camera for your latest adventure.

Aside from the need to get a decent MicroSD card (which I doubt any manufacturer of cameras directly includes anyway), it is all there in neat packaging. Bear in mind that a waterproof casing for a GoPro will set you back $80 possibly and it becomes a great value addition as a bundled part of 3SIXTs offering.

The camera features a single lens, offering a 360 degree by 220 degree viewing option, unlike say the more expensive options such as the Ricoh Theta S which have 2 options and stitch these together for a 360 by 360 view.

This is not a bad thing in my view as it allows a more direct control from the operator of the 3SIXT as you are not obsessed with removing yourself from the image and can instead focus on some framing options.

Like all the consumer cameras at these sub $1,500 mark – the image quality is not what this is all about. 1080HD video sounds great, but when it is spread over much larger frame, it still reminds you of a 480p image from an ordinary camera. I think instead though, it gives you a good insight into the world of 360 degree cameras without breaking the bank.

3sixtcamera-2Operationally, the camera is simple. It has the lens on the front, a small screen on the back and 3 multi-function buttons (Shutter/Select, Power/Mode and Wifi/Move), thankfully with a well written and straight to the point Quick Start guide to get you going. There is a standard tripod screw mount underneath as well as USB-mini charging port and HD output.

I am a newcomer to this world, so I settled for the easiest option and recorded video for Youtube VR. It loaded without a problem and aside from a beginner’s lack of technical prowess, showed the camera worked without any limitation whether in a swimming pool or walking around the city streets.

The main issue I have yet to workout is how to set the start point for viewing the video as it seems to rotate to the bottom left corner of the image to start and therefore require a bit of a drag around to get the expected rotation. This I am assuming is a limitation of mine and not the camera.


  • Excellent Value
  • All the accessories you need to start with
  • Compact package


  • Image quality is not exceptional
  • No image stabilization (with a tripod mount on the camera, a gimbal can be used to work around this)
  • 3 Button system for menu operation can be frustrating at times

Overall summary: 3SIXT 360° Full HD Sports Action Camera with Wi-Fi is the perfect entry level model for someone wishing to work out if 360 degree video/photography is something to pursue and as an alternative to normal video/photography wrapped up in an exceptional value package.

Sample Videos:


Disclosure: Sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

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