3 FREE Usenet accounts from Binverse giveaway winners

Alright, you downloaders! Here are the three winners, randomly selected from the participants of the Usenet accounts giveaway from Binverse!

The winners go to…..


Usenet account winners

Congrats, guys! Can the winners please SEND ME AN EMAIL through the contact form? Make sure it’s the same as the email address you used to enter). I’ll then arrange the prize from the sponsor to be sent to you. If you don’t send me an email after a while, I’ll have to give the prize to someone else.

Congratulations once again and many thanks for Binverse for the great giveaway!

Don’t be sad if you don’t win yet. Stay subscribed to Craving Tech’s newsletter so you’ll know when we have the next giveaway!

What is to give away next? Plenty! One of them is the new Amazon Kindle! I’m still finalising things with the sponsor but it looks like it’s a go ;) So yeah, stay subscribed so you won’t get left behind when I announce it.

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