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Using QR Codes to Gain Feedback from Customers

Note: This is a guest post written by Brandy O

Craving Tech QR CodesUsing QR Codes to Gain Feedback from Customers – One of the most popular trends in smartphone and tablet technology over the past couple of years has been the implementation of QR codes. By simply scanning smartphones over codes, users can discover more about a retail store’s products, go to an advertiser’s website, or give their opinion on the service in a restaurant.

QR codes were placed all over San Francisco in a program developed by CitySearch and Antenna Radio to provide more information about locations around the city. Reviews and audio were displayed and played on smartphones and devices whenever the QR codes were scanned allowing users to decide whether or not they wanted to stop or keep moving forward.

The Importance of Honest Feedback

Every profession requires diverse and constructive criticism in order to see what areas they are exceeding in and what areas are lacking. A college instructor can use survey software to gain evaluations of their performance over a semester, or a corporate website might use an interactive poll in order to measure the effectiveness of their user experience design. These two situations are easy to gain feedback in because the students and website users are already there.

If a restaurant needs a customer’s opinion of their service or the food quality, they might only get negative reviews from customers on the extreme side of the fence. Using a QR code is a much easier way of obtaining honest opinions. A code can be placed on the receipt or even on the drink/dessert menu left on the table. You can even entice participation by offering a discount or free menu item.

Using Social Media and Survey Software to Your Advantage

At a recent conference regarding Facebook, Forrester Research’s Jeremiah Owyan stated that people use social networking sites to express themselves. By using your QR code to direct your audience to your Facebook page you might not just receive useful feedback from comments and poll responses, your brand will appear more relevant in the Top News section of the Newsfeed.

Modern survey software allows users of smartphones and tablets, like the iPad, to instantaneously give their opinions about a product or service.


When using this type of technology, it is important to take into consideration that your website is compatible with mobile devices. The MyCokeRewards QR code directed users to a Flash site which could not be viewed properly on Apple products.

Tips for Getting the Best Feedback

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The University of Perdue’s Online Writing Lab (or OWL) is an established authority on all aspects of writing and conducting research. The tips featured on their website can help you gain the most valuable survey answers from your QR code research:

You do not want to phrase your questions in a way that leads participants to answer in a certain way. You may love your restaurant staff, but others might think they weren’t that good.

Question: Do you agree that our restaurant’s service is exceptional?
Revised: Was our restaurant’s service tonight exceptional?

It is important not to assume what someone will answer. Just because you think your food is great doesn’t mean other people even like chicken, fish, or duck in the first place.

Question: Was our duck con fit entre the best poultry dish you have ever eaten?
Revised: Did you enjoy eating our duck con fit entre?

Make sure you do not ask two different questions in the same sentence. This might confuse people and convolute your answers

QR Codes may seem like a novelty for people to scan on their smartphones and devices, but may prove to be an invaluable resource for gaining qualitative and quantitative research.

Have you seen any unique or interesting uses of QR code recently?

Note: This guest post is written by Brandy O

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