10 Amazing Web Apps: Great Aid for Your Startup Toolbox

Note: This is a guest post by John Laster


It has become quite tricky in the present time to prefer an application that would exactly fit your wants and needs as because there are whole hosts of web applications accessible. The apps those are available today prove to be tremendously valuable for your business. Listed below are few sections that would define the apps and their usability.

Billing and Invoicing

1. Invoicera: Invoicera is supposed to be known for being one of the best online invoicing apps available. It makes billing far more convenient as it is proven to be a proficient invoicing and time following web app.


2. Harvest: With the help of Harvest, you can track time successfully and send invoices from one incorporated application. You can start accounting your clients instantaneously with the help of this web app. Visual reports are available, which you can conveniently use to see the allocation of your company’s possessions at a glance.


Mind Mapping

3. Mindjet:Mindjet is popular as a great mind mapping app and it can be included with Microsoft Sharepoint server. You can visually recognize sales chances with organizational charts with the help of Mindjet Deal Navigator. With Mindjet, you can produce superior ideas using an interactive visual set-up that mirrors the way you want to route your information. You can very easily split and slot in your team’s input.


4. Mindmeister:Mindmeister would help you generate ideas right from the scratch and thereby turning it to more concrete and sagacious form. You can allocate any creation with easiness by inviting users by email or else you can simply send them a safe and exclusive direct link. It is easy to use, safe and secure.




5. Pencil:Pencil is an open resource Firefox plug in and can be used for wireframing as well as GUI prototyping. It has amazing features that embrace clipart browser, built-in stencils for prototyping and diagramming, redo/undo supports, object snapping, cross platforms and many more.


6. inPreso:inPreso is a wireframing web app, which is useful when you strike an idea for a web app. This particular app allows you to share the mockups right away over the web. The main idea of creation of inPreso is to create elevated quality and independent presentation software for array of purposes.


Version Control

7. Beanstalk:It is an immense web based version control app that ropes two of the most famous version control systems which are Git and SVN. You can easily bring in and create repositories, export with ease and also administer user permissions.


8. GitHub:GitHub is an exceptionally fast and dispersed version control system which is ideal for two-way progress of your web app. All it involves is about social coding. It is supposedly the best way to work together with others. You can manage all your private and public git repositories with this web app.


Bug/Issue Tracking

9. Elementool:Elementool is an online bu/issue follower, which allows you to allot, prioritize and repair bugs during product expansion.


10. FogBugz:This is an all in one web application, which allows you to handle bug tracking for better customer support. FogBugz is maintained with pleasant set of plugins that lengthen the functionality of the app.


Therefore we can realize that these web apps comes really usable when it comes to design, mind mapping, development, collaboration, accounting, project tracking. These web apps also decrease the working cost thereby escalating the effectiveness and yield.

Note: This is a guest post written by John Laster. He is an editor techieapps.com, a blog which caters with latest news in Technology, Gadgets, Social Media, online apps, product reviews, Gadgets, Blogging etc.

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