iPhone Spy Apps – “Know The Spy In Your Iphone”

Note: This is a guest post written by Ankit Pandey


Anticipated or not, espionage have permeated iPhones, similar to how espionage found its way into the subconscious of the average moviegoer. iPhone can now double as a communication spy device by installing spy apps on it. Spy apps joins the league of spy gadgets, which until now included the likes of spy cams, spy glasses, spy recorder, spy bug detectors, spy trackers, etc.

Having spy apps on iPhones reveal specific details about the phone’s usage, which can be accessed from anywhere via Internet simply by logging into the online account.

Why Spy Apps?

People who really have use for iPhone apps are parents, employers and at times the users themselves for personal purposes.

Exercising parental control

Parent’s worries knows no limit. Having an eye on your teenage child or knowing their whereabouts on a constant and real-time basis is impossible. But with the aid of spy apps installed on your child’s iPhone (given to them by you), you can easily observe your child’s phone usage that includes giving you access to the call logs, text messages, as well as locating your child’s current location. Location tracking is made possible with the help of GPS which is built into the app. Hence physical location tracking should never be an issue for you.

Creating a copy of phone usage

Besides spying, you could use the app to simply maintain a mirrored copy of your phone activities separately. You needn’t worry about phone crashes or theft since all the data and your activities are backed up remotely. The backup is secure since the backup location is maintained by the app developers themselves.

Surveilling employees

iPhone spy apps can be used as a tool for employee surveillance. These apps can monitor text messages, calls and location with regard to the employee, providing the organization with details that can be utilized in the event of any conflict between the organization and the employee. With this facility in place employees can’t contradict the actuals.

The Spy Mechanism

You could easily say that smartphones wouldn’t be as smart as we know today without those thousands of apps. Spy apps also added to the intelligence of the smartphones and made them smarter. All one needs to do is install the spy app onto the iPhone, like how it’s done with other apps. The app runs in the background and stays absolutely stealthy. The activities that are recorded by the app are made available through an online account created for the purchaser wherein he/she can view all the details of the iPhone. Categorical display of logs enable easy viewing. The common features of most iPhone spy apps are:

Call logs

Spy apps monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls on the iPhone without the need for actual physical possession of the device. You can view the complete list of contacts in the iPhone, the messages and the call logs linked to it via the online account. Needless to mention that the log includes the time of call, the duration and caller’s number.


The app monitors and uploads the iPhone’s location by tracking the GPS’s geographical coordinates with a time lag of few minutes. This feature is very useful in the event of a theft or when your child is traveling.

Text message

IPhone spy apps unique feature allows to securely record all the SMS exchanged over the iPhone to the online account, even if they are deleted from the phone. This way it helps to lighten the phone’s storage space if required, yet keeping a record of all those old and important messages intact.

Spy Apps For iPhone

The latest offering from Apple’s stable – iPhone 5, is the one that enthusiasts are waiting to have compatible spy apps. Here are the list of best spy apps available in the App Store:



Source: http://www.softcns.com/audio-video/review-stealthgenie-iphone_137946.html

StealthGenie supports iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. It claims to have 100000 plus satisfied customer across the globe. Soon after installation, for the first upload of data to its servers, the app takes half-an-hour wherein the app settings are saved onto the servers. The subscribers can login from the members area to view the logs and data anytime. The data upload and updation is done on real time basis. Its features include:

  • All call record , Call history and Call intercept.
  • View SMS exchanged and Redirect SMS.
  • History of location visits, Current GPS Location and View travel route on a Map.
  • Gain access to emails, instant messengers and multimedia files.
  • Remotely control the phone.
  • View contacts and calendars.


  • iPhone spy app:
  • Basic package: $8/m, $99.99 for 12 m, $79.99 for 6 m, $59.99 for 3 m
  • Gold: $13/m, $159.99 for 12 m, $129.99 for 6 m, $89.99 for 3 m

Mobile Spy


Source: http://www.spyphoneguy.com/2010/04/27/mobile-spy-updates-their-iphone-spy-app/

Mobile Spy is compatible with Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Symbian. Like other spy applications, Mobile Spy targets family and organization. Its unique Live control panel feature lets the user have details of the location and view the phone’s screen that’s refreshed in every 90 secs. The user can also remotely control the phone to fetch information on real time basis and the logs of which can be forwarded to the registered email. Additionally, the logs can be exported in CSV format. Key features include:

  • Mobile Spy gives the app users information on not just the URLs visited but also details of the social networking apps
  • Unlike app installation, uninstallation of the app can be performed remotely.
  • Unique SMS commands that’ll give access to lock and unlock the phone.
  • An application blocking feature lets the user block inappropriate applications that can be harmful to children.


  • 3 Months license costs $49.97
  • 6 Months license costs $69.97
  • 12 Months license costs $99.97

Bottom Line: Spy Sparingly

Spying on others is a breach of personal privacy unless the user is informed about it. Hence the reason for spying or gathering information on others needs to be well defined.

License to spy will always rest with those who’re chosen, however iPhone apps provide enough stimulation of being one. Spy with care!

Note: This guest post is contributed by Ankit Pandey. He is a seasoned writer and an online marketer who currently works with Valuecoders, a renowned application development agency with a global presence. One can hire iPhone developers, HTML developers, Drupal Developers, Magento Developers by visiting their website. Valuecoders also offers Android application development services for which one can hire Android developers at affordable prices.

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