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Windows 8.1 gets an official release date

Windows 8 preview

Windows 8.1, an official update to Windows 8 from Microsoft, gets an official release date today. Though you can actually get the Windows 8.1 Preview now, those who want to wait for the final version need not wait any longer. Well, at least not for another month or so.

Windows 8.1 update will be rolled out on the 18th of October 12:00 AM in New Zealand or 4 AM in Redmond or 17th of October 10 PM in Australia. The update will be free for all Windows 8 users.

So what does Windows 8.1 update bring?

  • More personalisation
  • Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)
  • New built-in Bing apps
  • Cloud connectivity with SkyDrive
  • More updates and improvements

I was going to try the Windows 8.1 Preview but I have set my language as English (Australia) so I needed to do some workaround to be able to install it. Couldn’t be bothered so I’ve decided to just wait for the official release.

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