Windows 8 to Windows 7: Goodbye, old and boring file transfer!

Microsoft Windows 8 file transfer management

Windows 8 better file management – The second Microsoft Windows 8 video that I wrote a few days ago shows the native USB 3 support in Windows 8. This third video from the Microsoft team got me excited too as Windows 8 further improves what we already have (in terms of managing files), especially when you copy files from one location to another in your computer. The new upcoming features are being able to pause a copy in progress (to allow others to finish first), combining multiple progress windows into one, and also the new duplicate conflict resolution feature.

Windows 8 – consolidate multiple windows into one when transferring files

I have friends coming over copying stuffs (like photos or our church’s play videos) from my computer to their USB flash drives. Often they did a few multiple copy sessions at a time so I end up having multiple pop-up windows everywhere on my desktop. Sometimes they tried to click from one window to another just to see the progress and all that. Windows 8 next feature ensures that everything happens in one place, so it’s easier to see and manage.

Windows 8  – Pause a copy in progress

Things can get pretty slow when these multiple files are being copied in/out of my computer and at times when I need to use my computer for something more important for a while, I couldn’t. At times like this, it is great to be able to pause a copy session in progress and resume it later. Windows 8 can do this easily through that same window earlier.

Windows 8 – Files conflict resolution

Normally when you copy a file to a folder that contains another file with the same name, you either have to overwrite, make a copy, or skip it. Windows 8 gets smarter by being able to compare one file to another on that same file transfer window. When you need to copy an image file, normally you need to view them first through a picture viewer before you can make the decision. Windows 8 allows you to preview the thumbnail and other info as well easily on the same file transfer window. You can then tick on the decisions you want per conflicted file and go from there.

These “little” things add up pretty good and show how Microsoft tries to improve our experience in using Windows. No longer we can say Windows 8 is just Windows 7 with a new dashboard interface. Definitely looking forward for more improvements from the team.

Have a look at Microsoft Windows 8 3rd video, presented by Alex Simons, Director of Program Management on Windows & Windows Live:

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