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Windows 10 Insider Preview gets a new build

Microsoft Windows 10

It’s been a while since Microsoft Windows 10 was officially released. We had a few patches and updates here and there, but Microsoft has just released the first major build for participants of the Windows Insider Program.

The build number is Build 10525 and it brings a few more enhancements and updates to Windows 10.

You can now have more flexibilities and enhancements for your Start menu, Acton Center, Taskbar, and Title bars.

There are also improvements to Windows 10 Memory Manager. What is Memory Manager? It’s a feature on Windows 10 that basically will ensure more applications and processes to fit in the memory, rather than writing them to disk when unused (which is very expensive in terms of time and performance). Memory manager will ensure that programs are running smoothly, especially when you switch between one to another.

If you are already a participant to Windows 10 Insider Program, you can go to Windows Update and check for updates to forcefully grab the new build (rather than having to wait for your computer to pick it up).

As always, be aware of bugs in the new build and feel free to submit bug reports and feedback via the Windows Feedback app.

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