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Who says external hard drives are expensive?

WD external hard driveI’m always amazed at how we can get a 1 TB internal hard drive under AU $100 nowadays. I always vouched for an internal hard drive because it’s definitely cheaper than an external hard drive. However, I realize that external hard drives are so cheap nowadays that it doesn’t really make much difference in price.

For example on a UK based online store, a Western Digital 1 TB external hard drive, the WD Elements Desktop only costs around  £54.09 (or only about AU $90!). Of course, this is the cheapest model and the size is quite enormous to carry around. However, it’s more than sufficient for backing up your documents, photos, music files, and videos out of your PC.

A good external hard drive is your best backup solution in case your PC ever gets caught in a short circuit or a fire. Besides, you can carry it around with you, should you ever need to transfer files from different PCs (which you cannot easily do if you are using an internal hard drive to backup).

The WD 1TB external hard drive I talked earlier is just one of a few models available but they are all quite affordable these days. I’m still quite happy with my HP SimpleSave slim external hard drive but I’ll definitely consider adding more external 1 TB hard drives in the future for my whole family backup solution (the HP one I have is only 320 GB).

Do you use an external hard drive as your backup solution? What software do you use to backup? Would love to hear!

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