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Want more battery life on your iPhone? Uninstall Facebook

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No matter what we do, something seems to be sucking up the battery life out of our smartphones. iPhone owners are complaining that their devices always seem to be out of battery before reaching the end of the day, even on the latest iPhone 6s.

A proposed solution to always carry a portable battery charger may not always be well accepted by many. If all else fails, then you might be shocked by this finding. The culprit is most likely the Facebook app.

According to a recent test by The Guardian, you can actually get around 15-20% more battery life if you uninstall Facebook app completely out of your phone.

That may sound crazy but Facebook app had been notorious in the past for running background processes even when you are not using the app on your phone. This eats the battery up, even if you are not aware of it or not even having the phone turned on.

But what if you cannot live without Facebook on your phone? You can always go to Facebook using the Safari app, although you probably won’t get the best experience out of it.

Still, if battery life is very important for you, uninstalling Facebook and test it for yourself might be the best solution for this problem.

How to get more battery out of your iPhone? Well, you know the answer. I guess we shouldn’t blame it on Apple after all.

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