Get an extra 2GB to your Google account (Gmail, Drive, etc) for FREE

Google Security

Free 2GB Google account space – Happy Safer Internet Day 2016! To celebrate, Google wants you to re-check your security settings on your Google account. At the end of the completion, you will be rewarded with a 2GB storage increase permanently. A sweet price for a quick 1 minute check.

All you have to do is to go to Google Security account page and follow the step-by-step check. And if you’ve been taught not to click ambiguous link, you can type this link yourself to the browser:

Which, is a good reminder for you, actually. Have you enabled 2-Step verification yet? If not, I’d highly recommend you to. Assuming you are using an “easy-to-remember” password rather than using a password manager like 1Password, you are quite at risk.

By enabling 2-step verification at your Google account, a text message will be sent to your mobile phone (free) in which you have to enter the codes in after entering your password. This is triggered if you are logging in from a new computer.

So, even if hackers manage to get your login details, they can’t do a thing because they’d have to steal your phone as well at the same time.

Besides, you don’t have to do this each time (that’d be plainly annoying), so I encourage you to enable 2-steps verification if you haven’t.

Google Verifications

To see if you get the 2GB free storage bonus, go to your Google Drive and click on the “Upgrade storage” link at the bottom left of the sidebar. You’ll be taken to a page where you can see how much storage you have left (and used) on your Google account (Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos).

Here is mine:

Google Drive StorageAs you can see, there is a “2016 security check-up bonus” applied for 2GB. Profit!

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